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loneliness. We briefly consider ways of overcoming loneliness used by lay people First, loneliness results from a deficiency in a person's social relationships. Very little research has focused on existential loneliness or one's philo- sophical.
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At first I relished in the solitude, peace and quiet but eventually it got harder. How to stay emotionally connected? What works: Having a routine, having a mentor or coach, having set times to communicate with any providers, suppliers, contractors, etc. Working from a co-working space, WeWork or coffee shops. Going outside, taking breaks, enjoying the fresh air, taking a walk or working out also help. Also, going to the gym to meet people or to Meet Up groups from the app so that you can get out and join in happy hour and other things sometimes.

Great video! I recently discovered that my public library has meeting rooms that can be reserved for free to meet with clients saweeet!!! But the library is a great space to work. Plenty of people, yet quiet and private.

What is loneliness?

All the coffee you can drink. Just leave a really big tip if you have a waitress. They will literally fight for you to sit at their table next time you come in. Thanks for your tips. I walk for an hour a day and use this time to get recharged. Water has a calming effect on me so my walk takes me along the river. I bond with nature and clear my head at the same time.

Feels fabulous. I left my corporate job in June and moved from NYC to Denver to launch my business so this episode was very helpful. I am slowly meeting people socially in new town, but I spend majority of my day with my laptop at the home office.

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As I watched the episode, I penciled in zumba class at pm today. I been meaning to go for a few months and I do need to take responsibility to show up. Would love to connect with others. Thanks again for great video as always! I was hoping my neighbors would introduce themselves but that did not happen.

10 Ways To Cure Loneliness

So I did 2 things. First, I knocked on doors.

Level 2 – What the Hell Are You Feeling?

Surprisingly I found that one neighbor who was from my home state also worked at home. Another neighbor was at home homeschooling her granddaughter. I became fast friends with both of these amazing women.

e-book The little eBook Of Every day Loneliness and How to overcome it

The other thing I did was find a Welcome Club in my new town. They had activities almost every day of the week — coffees, luncheons, movie nights, and clubs for every interest you can imagine. I also found a Meetup group for bloggers. I also have a group of friends who meet for FUN FRIDAY, a glass of wine at a local restoraunt just one where we wrap up the week and voice our concerns if we have them. I realized that I needed a certain amount of social stimulation and it gave me reasons and permission to go work from a coffee shop multiple times a week. I usually spend the first half of the day working from my home office, have lunch, then run errands and end up at a coffee shop and work for a few hours there.

I now can put in full days of productivity instead of having afternoons of yawning and wasting time. I try to plan a lunch meeting each week.

Gets me away from home and out with someone who may be in the same boat as me. Marie, Timely, timely advice. Love your comments about clear communication as well as your 8 suggestions. Ironically, several of these suggestions were put to use just before watching this video, and it really helped lift my spirits and have me feeling like I can make it happen.

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  • Thanks as always for your timely and spot on advice! Keep up the great work! Mary Jo. Honestly, I love working alone and having space that is quiet and empty. I think it is balance. Signs on the door really help a lot. It tells people you need your space. Then, when you want to be social you go out into to world and give your peeps some love. Both get me out of the house and connecting with likeminded people and helping me to improve my leadership and speaking skills.

    Thanks for the topic. As a home worker, I was excited when this email popped into my inbox!

    I always make my lunch break a gym class, it helps SO much. I realy dont know what to say marie your words are soul touching, but working from home alone is as lonely as ever. Am trying my possible best to incline my self with a partner but a bit hard for me though just stated a networking job i do at home and getting people on the platform is just something else dont know how to go about it, i have tried every technique but not realy working yet, i just hope i have a breakthrough on it.

    It can definitely be really rough working from home and not seeing other people all day. I hope that some of the tips Marie shared are helpful to you and help you find some more connections. I love you so much! My concern is simple yet overwhelming on a daily basis. I feel my personality is different and that includes the way I dress or wear my hair.

    Thanks so much Marie Xoxo Carolina. Carolina, thank you so much for sharing your question with us. Excellent advice as always Marie. I work from home and need minimize my alone time to avoid being lonely. Your tips are great. I have been working from home for about 8 years now. My job is just a job, no way to move up in the company as remote worker, but requires quick thinking and decision making.

    So I always have to find ways to keep motivated. Initially I had a great balance between work, household, kids and social activities in terms of interest groups and group exercise.

    I love Jazzercise, because it is more than just a great workout. It is a social place to be. I worked there as customer service rep in exchange for classes. After a few years with kids getting older and needing me less and job still just being a job, I found myself feeling more isolated and not even wanting interaction, which I knew was not a good sign and out of character.

    This was really great for a while, focusing on something new.