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If you are only seeing visitors per day, it would be VERY unlikely The next click appears in, say 2 hours, and after minutes it is my account disabled then reinstated, I am watching my Adsense almost permanently.
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Start with 1k per day and then aim for 5k, 20k and keep growing. Lastly, the idea is that you generate great but simple articles with viral images, videos or stories, and make them go viral with Facebook. I recommend Adsense because the Ads will be totally irrelevant if you use almost any other CPC network, but if Adsense is out of your options for any reasons, try Adversal from this alternatives article.

Check where most of my traffic was coming from:. You need to rinse and repeat after analyzing your data. This one is easy. You can find almost everything in my blog in the WordPress Category. I cover everything from setting a domain name, installing WordPress and even installing a theme. Again, just leave a comment below if you need help with any step.

I recommend you to change your theme every months to keep your CTR high. Basically, this is the same guide on steroids, so have a read on how to create a Facebook Fan Page and grow it super quick with Facebook Ads here: From 0 to 1, daily visitors in 10 days. There are a few changes happening on Facebook lately, so in case you want to take advantage from them:. There you have it. Just copy the same strategy from my guide on how to go from 0 to 1k daily visitors and apply these new advantages.

How many clicks per day by one web visitor adsense consider valid?

This step is easy but takes time. Try websites like upworthy and viralnova. I recommend you to post between links to your website that means you ned to write viral news PER DAY and also post images in between. The images can be part of viral stories, cute animals or impressive facts. They key is to keep your audience active and your Facebook reach high. Example: 8am image, 10pm link to article 1, noon image, 2pm link to article 2, 4pm image, 6pm link to article 3, 8pm image, 10pm link to article 4.

Rewrite the stories from your own point of view, ad videos or whatever you need, and always link to the sources. Trust me. Also, have a look at the placement and distributions of Ads in those websites, as you want to try the same to get a good CTR. I used to have Squared Ads in the content, and a big skyscraper Ad in the sidebar. This is a formula that works well. You should be able to get everything started in days if you focus and work fast. Again, let me know if you have any questions below.

If you grow it big enough to make it a side business or even a full time job for you, then you might want to step it to the next level and automate everything. There are a lot of social media tools that allow you to schedule your posts on Twitter and Facebook Buffer and Hootsuite, for example. Use FPTraffic.

How to Activate / Enable Permanently Disabled Google Adsense Account of YouTube Channel

Also, there are guides on how to make money with Facebook Fanpages inside FPTraffic which alone are worth the price you pay for it. This is something you might want to do after a few weeks or months.

Looking for viral stories and videos can be tricky at first, so I looked for the stories and copied the links into a google drive shared document. Most people try to look for a magic formula so they can earn money online on autopilot. This is a business, and it requires work and focus, and you might fail a few times, but it will be worth it. Taking action is the most important thing in this life. You can do it in days maximum and if you start buying likes in 3 days, you could be earning your first bucks by the end of the next week.

What are you waiting for? This is something I cover in my second part of the guide where I used Facebook ads and Propeller Ads. I'm a full-time Affiliate Marketing Expert and Blogger. In the past 5 years, I've been able to generate more than 7 figures with Digital Marketing strategies. Read my full story here. Hello, very interesting blog post. A very informative article, Servando! At those prices, you probably need to look at countries like the Philippines, India, Latin American countries, etc.

Try iWriter, Fiverr, forums, etc. Is google ban account for Facebook page visitors.

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Kindly let me know. Btw exellent content buddy. They ban you when you break their rules, like copying the content, having more ads than content, etc.

This is how I always get inspired with the latest techniques explained by you with practical illustrations. This helps me to hone my skills and compel me to judge my efforts for being a seo expert in a real sense. Reading your content put me up for a surge of thought that how can things would get better than the best. Thanks for posting such a fabulous quality content which enhances my knowledge base and make me an avid reader of your blogs. I would like to read more insight from you! Also I am going to share this blog immediately.

Excellent site you have here. Appreciate it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further post thanks once again. Goodluck Keep going.

How to Do 500 Times Better than AdSense

Thank you for all of the great information! I am primarily looking at only sharing articles from the website on the Facebook page similar to how other established viral sites do. I work in retail and learning about everything related to this endeavor has been such a fun and refreshing experience so far.

If you had any insight I would really love to hear it!

Google Adsense Secrets What Google Never Told You

Hi John. This has changed a lot in the last few years, so make sure you read all of the linked articles in this post to read the updates. Custom content is fine as long as you understand how things work in social media to go viral. Good to know you enjoying writing the content though. That will help a lot. If the engagement per post is bad and you keep posting your reach only goes down with time.

A good test for each post before adding a budget to it is to see how it performs organically. Some will do much better than others. Hello Sir I would to get your direct contact there some issues I would like you to help me please. You can ask your question here to see if we can help.

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Does it matter what countries to target in Facebook ad traffic campaigns? Any specific country or just leave it open to all? Also, where can I find best ad layout examples? Yes, it matters.

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Hi What are the biggest niches to promote, I heard Pokemon sites are very popular. Is there a way to analyze high converting traffic arbitrage websites and basically copy and paste? Probably with a decent price to get started. There are many niches and many of them can be big. Google search more info about it and let me know if you find something that can pay per points to your readers. If nobody clicks on your ads your performance will be terrible.

Google wants quality people that are interested in the ads and click through them and end up buying stuff or signing up for whatever service being promoted n the ads. There are many website builders available if you do a quick google search though. You have more control, plugins and all with a wordpress site. Where can I find the WordPress Category in your blog? I would like to know which theme is advised to start with and what would be the settings you recommend to start placing the adsense ads for good CTR base on your testings for us to start with?

However, I mentioned some themes in this blog post to get started. Testing ad positions, swapping themes every month or so help a lot as well. Hope this work anyway you can Join My 24scan. I heard about Facebook traffic that it is not safe for Adsense.