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Freda the Little Plump Fairy” is an illustrated children's book about a little fairy that does not Freda learns that with courage and confidence good friends can .
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We challenged our photographers to pick one of the seven stories that The Snow Queen consists of and transform it into their own vision of this world. Furthermore, we handpicked content and contributors that would complement this particular fairytale and the result is this visual tribute to this wonderful fairytale.

What i always have admired the most about Hans Christian Andersens was his divine talent for seeing things not only for what they are - but also for what they could become. Playing with words, Andersen worked wonders and made even the tiniest details grow into captivating and enchanted characters, set in magical places, where anything can and will happen and nothing is ever just a boring detail. Everything you look at can become a fairy tale and you can get a story from everything you touch.

Introduction to H. Andersen for his fairy tales dedicated to children and to the inner child in all of us. But slightly less well known is his excessive production of paper cuts — fragile and fairy tale like paper cuts in all sizes and shapes, simple or complex, folded in many layers or just in one primitive or ornamental, romantic and sweet or cruel and demonic.

It was something he did surrounded by the children of the bourgeoisie of his time, and he was talking and telling while cutting,. Some of the cuts are quite avant-garde in their simplicity. They tend to the primitive and the banal, and yet they contain. And as such they supplement the fairy tales of H. Just as his fairy tales the paper cuts could be read at several levels — not only for pleasure but with a deeper meaning and message embedded amidst the words and the patterns.

And often, if you listen or look closer, a hidden imagery will occur next to the very obvious.

Freda the Little Plump Fairy: An illustrated children’s book about courage and confidence

Enfants Terribles Magazine has selected some favourites amongst H. All paper cuts depicted are kindly put to our disposal by the selections at Odense Bys Museer and Det Kongelige Bibliotek. I know you want to live in a winter wonderland when you see these pretty products. Moose girl sculpture, would love this on my wall.

Find it here! How about some clip-on hair-antlers?

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I would love these. I hope they will make these in black, they make them in different colors. My mother in law would look good in a red pair. But I think she may already own some. Find them here! In some strange way the music escapes the ball. It is beautiful and magical! And this piece of woven goodness might be the best representation of a snowcloud yet.

It is fuzzy, white and just looks so good. Even in summer My kids love all the schleich figures and they really last, they have so much detail.

This series is a winter wonderland in miniature. Mountain pillows -with snow on top. Meet the Aldertons.

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A normal and fantastic British family living in Colchester, Essex. Polly and Robin share their home and life with the children Noah 8 , Olive 6 , Ned 2 Hope 10 Following the family via Instagram we fell completely in love with their world and we decided to do a brand new type of creative crush: The Family Portrait.

We asked Polly to share a bit about their story and everyday life and we hope you will feel inspired by this personal and honest mother and the tales of her family and their everyday life. As a child we moved around a lot and changed schools often, which caused me to feel displaced growing up, never feeling part of any one group particularly. Drink and drugs played a big part in my teenage upbringing and my Dad who I lived with was often aggressive.

At sixteen after failing my exams and being excluded from school I went to live with my mum and enrolled at a sixth form near to her. I chose to study art. Martins, London to study Fine Art. There I met my now husband who was studying Fine Art specialising in sonic art. We lived together in our second year of university, with 4 other friends - one of the happiest years of my life pre children.

Robin and I had become firm friends and I liked him a lot. Somehow it happened, we had children and got married, it just happened and I adore him. We moved from London when I was 4 months pregnant with Noah to Colchester and have just stayed here. Sometimes I wish I lived closer to my mum and sisters but I enjoy our stability and we have a really fun time together. I work as a photographer. I love to photograph children, and that fits with where I am in my life with a young family. I have recently started to do some auto biographical work exploiting a very good friend who will unquestioningly go along with most of my hare brained ideas.

We all enjoy beachcombing and will often walk heads down looking for treasures. We have a fierce collection of sea glass, shark teeth and animal bones! Olive enjoys flowers, this summer we collected as many different flowers from our walks as we could and pressed them, we had intended to find their names too but never got around to it.

I try to be fair and consistent and I try to enjoy it. He has a good spirit. Our children like who he is. When I go to look Noah is usually lying on his bed just watching! In her family at home at her mums home I think she is more of a joker, louder maybe - that interests me how two different homes can bring out two different personalities. Noah is incredibly sensitive and self aware. He has the most spectacular eye for drawing and is drawn to quite dark subjects.

In the end Robin had had to climb and carry him down on his back, Noah had lost all perspective and was just screaming! She is very happy and has a fantastic laugh. Her confidence can be knocked quickly however, particularly academically. In reality they will however undoubtedly remember the amount of times their mother was woefully under prepared! After he was born I had pretty deep post natal depression, I ended up going on antidepressants which meant I gave up breastfeeding with him very early on, I still feel a deep guilt about that.

When I was pregnant I focused so much on the birth element to the point it was a shock to me when this baby was handed to me and I was sent home. That one time But a funny story we talked about only at the weekend is still fresh in my mind I scraped around in my bag and managed to find enough bus fare but only for myself, Noah was 6 and had to pay.

I could see the bus approaching and quickly turned to him asking could he bear to tell a lie or let me tell a lie on his behalf, saying he was four like Olive?

I was worried that this was going to happen this time. Lagging behind us whilst all of this was going on was a very green Olive. He failed to see the funny side - we walked home. I adore it!

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I just love that I can preserve a memory. I adore catching connections, getting a look that is so fleeting but definitive of a personality.

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When I was 15 he brought me a 35mm Canon camera and I loved it, I used to photograph my sisters and our dogs. I can remember being on holiday with my Granny and allowed to use her camera to take pictures, being aware of how many photos were on the roll and having to be conscious of not wasting any shots.

Balancing work and creativity is a real biting point in our home. This means that he gets to go away for big spates of time, over the school summer holidays this year for example he went on tour.

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  • I am often resentful towards him for this, I wish that I could have more freedom in the way that he does.